The rents have been sending me a lot of pro-republican (anti-obama) articles and I noticed that everyone likes to throw around facts about this candidate or the other. I believe in data. So to give me some practice with iPython and pandas I decided to pull some data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and see what the deal was with unemployment.

Unemployment Rate from 1977-2011

To be honest I don’t really care that much about politics—-even though I suppose I should—-because I can’t stand the people bickering and not just looking at hard facts. And then when hard facts are thrown around they’re always manipulated in a way that just helps one person or slanders the other. No one is for the truth.

Anyways, I think it’s interesting the way unemployment has fluctuated and we’re back up where we were with Reagan as well. But I think it’s problematic to blame Obama for unemployment because it seems to be taking the same trend as it did in the early 80s and notice that it appears that ultimately the end of 2008—-which we know was a recession—-could easily be the culprit for the rates we saw in 2009 and 2010. 2011 looks better but it’d be interesting to see how 2012 is shaping up. There is quarterly data available but I got this part and figured I’d take a break.

The country is a big system and I honestly don’t know what causes what, but I’m not sure a lot of people really know. It would all be hypothetical anyways; we can do experiments and have our models but ultimately correlation doesn’t imply causality and I don’t believe we ever know 100% why things happen.

Regardless, I never did hear back from my father on this data. Weird that our lowest low in unemployment was Clinton era.